Workshop on “Nitrate pollution in Aragon. Main challenges”

The Ebro Water Partnership organized a workshop on nitrate pollution and its challenges. The event was held at the facilities of the Higher Polytechnic School of Huesca (University of Zaragoza) on December 15, 2023. The RAMA group is part of the Partnership (a cooperation group of the Rural Development Program of the Government of Aragon, co-financed by the European Union). The event featured a presentation by Ángel Jiménez, Dean of the Official College of Agricultural Engineers of Aragón, Navarra and the Basque Country, on behalf of the Partnership. The workshop also counted on presentations by:

• Miguel Ángel García Vera, Ebro River Basin organization

• Marta Vallés, Agri-Food Transfer Center, Government of Aragon

• Marian Lorenzo, CITA, Government of Aragon, RAMA Group, Ebro Water Partnership

The event, which was well attended by water users associations, farmers in irrigated agriculture and pig production, as well as technical personnel, was developed according to the following program:

Workshop program.

The conclusions of the workshop were published in the following press release:

Below are three photos taken during the Workshop, which correspond to one of the presentations, the group discussion and the drawing of conclusions prior to the workshop closing.

Presentation by Marian Lorenzo (CITA and Ebro River Partnership).
Group discussion.
Open discussion leading to the drafting of the workshop conclusions.

The Ebro River Partnership is a Cooperation Project of the Rural Development Programme of Aragón