Sustainable use of water and soil

Sustainable Use of Water and Soil in Agriculture

Evapotranspiration and crop water requirements

Characterization of the evapotranspiration of crops and natural surfaces through weighing lysimetry, micrometeorological and physiological techniques and remote sensing. Study of the space-time variability of evapotranspiration. Determination of the water and irrigation requirements of the main crops in Aragon.

Diagnosis and improvement of on-farm irrigation systems

  • Modeling and programming of irrigation systems. Analysis of modernization alternatives.
  • Analysis of the environmental and structural factors that condition the management of irrigation systems.

Diagnosis and technological Support for collective irrigation management

  • Computer tools and applications to improve water management in irrigation districts (Water Users Associations).
  • Irrigation modeling and programming in Water Users Associations.
  • Analysis of environmental and structural factors that limit irrigation management
  • Non-intrusive localization techniques, and treatment for zebra mussel colonies in collective pressurized networks.

Soil morphology, mapping and evaluation

  • Soil Mapping and Assessment
  • Identification of sustainable agronomic alternatives to improve the quality of agricultural soils: structure, water conservation, organic matter content, carbon sequestration.

Impact of the research line :  

In a predominantly semi-arid environment (such as the central Ebro basin), profitable agricultural production is closely linked to water and the quality of the soil. This line of research focuses on all scales of irrigation (plot, irrigation networks or collective management), and has shown significant penetration in the public and private sectors thanks to its approach aimed at solving specific problems. This line of research incorporates the evaluation and study of the soil resource in order to design management systems that favor the conservation of this resource, in line with the objectives set in the Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection.