Ukrainian researcher Dr. Olena Drozd joins the RAMA group at EEAD-CSIC

Dr. Olena Drozd has joined the RAMA group to perform research at the Aula Dei Experimental Station of CSIC. Her contract, with an initial duration of two years, has been financed by the CSIC Programme for Scientific Collaboration with Ukraine. She will develop her research with Dr. Carmen Castañeda and with the rest of the researchers of the RAMA group.

Dr. Drozd is Associate Professor at the Department of Urban Environmental Engineering and Management O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She is also Senior Researcher at the Fertility of Irrigated and Solonetzic Soils Laboratory of the National Scientific Center «Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N.Sokolovsky» (NSC ISSAR)in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Dr. Drozd discusses resarch issues (left to right, N. Zapata, J. Cavero, J. Herrero, C. Castañeda and Deputy Directors M. Matamoros and C. Cantín)

In her research, Dr. Drozd has dealt with aspects such as the physical-chemical properties of salt-affecfted soils, the irrigation of halogenated technosols, the restoration of fertility of sal-affected soils, the ecosystem services of salt-affected soils, the estimation of the agronomic potential of salt-affected soils, landscape geochemistry and the standardization and metrology in soil science. Throughout her career, she has developed ERASMUS, UNICEF and INCO-COPERNICUS projects, and has collaborated in several FAO initiatives. She is the author of dozens of national and international publications.

The project that Dr. Drozd will develop aims at establishing a collaboration between Ukraine and Spain in the context of analyzing the impact of agricultural intensification on soil, water and the conservation of natural habitats. The interface between agriculture and natural habitats will be analyzed to raise awareness about the interaction between both, maintaining crop production and enhancing the resilience of natural resources. Today, Dr. Drozd has been welcomed by the two Deputy Directors of the Aula Dei Experimental Station of CSIC (Dr Cantín and Dr Matamoros), and she has had the opportunity to discuss her research with the members of the RAMA group at EEAD-CSIC.

Meeting participants (left to right, J. Herrero, E. Playán, N. Zapata, J. Cavero, M. Matamoros, E. Drozd and C. Castañeda).