The RAMA Group starts using a WINTEX MCL3 soil sampler

We have received a new WINTEX MCL3 automatic soil sampler. In the first test we obtained 90 samples in just over four hours of work. The probe entered different types of soil without difficulty, extracting samples up to a depth of 1.20 m. This sampler model is attached to a tractor, and the assembly has been transported to the study area using a gondola. The new device has allowed us to operate safely and autonomously. Of course, we have not forgotten to each wear our noise protections!

With the start-up of this equipment we approach two fundamental objectives: saving effort and time and standardizing sample collection. This is particularly important in campaigns with a high density of sampling points or in repeated sampling over time. We are happy with the new equipment and with the collaboration of the Aula Dei Experimental Station field staff. We will continue obtaining more and more samples!

The tractor on the gondola.
The sampling equipment.
Getting ready for sampling.
Collecting a soil sample.